Tuesday, May 12, 2015

7 Useful Australian Online Phone Directory

Having the right phone number for the right person or service when you need it in an emergency is a lifeline for many people, whether it is getting in touch with a local school, an emergency plumber or a power company, the internet is a great place to find all of the numbers you need in a single click. Whilst the big old phone books of the past are handy to keep at home, online directories are searchable and are much easier to navigate in an emergency than a bulky old phone book.

With access to the internet now available on most smartphones, these websites and their numbers have proven immeasurably important to many people across the nation, especially for those in an emergency. More and more local businesses are taking advantage of these online directories to offer their products and services directly to customers to the benefit of the community.

At Call Service - The Telephone Answering Service, Australia wide, we’re constantly researching and looking at new phone directories on the web – not just because we’re interested in the field, but because being in the service industry for a long time, we always look to help our clients.Here are some of the best online telephone directories currently available:


This website specialises in finding people based on their names and locations. Advanced searches can be carried out and the majority of the time you will find the person you are looking for in a matter of minutes. It is a lot quicker to use this online service than trying to browse the local telephone book, as many people like to list their mobile numbers and are therefore not automatically entered into the telephone or address book in your local area.


The White Pages have become synonymous with finding businesses, services, government organisations as well as important numbers such as your local gas, power or electrical company, street lighting, ambulance and doctors numbers. This online directory should be the first port of call whatever your emergency or if you wish to find a local business or government organisation.


The Yellow Pages is a great online directory that offers you the ability to find all of your local businesses in one place. With an easy search facility, you can search by business type, the services they offer and the local community and region they supply. The yellow page is a popular site which seamlessly puts you in direct contact with the companies around you.


This online phone directory is a unique take on a phone book service, as they offer great access to holiday related services such as car rental, taxis and booking companies. True local offers a search by your postcode to put you in touch with the businesses and companies around you, offering you a chance to take advantage of possible local offers that are not provided by national services.


Local Blue is a newer online telephone directory service that offers a range of searchable companies and businesses. With more in-depth information about the companies listed on their site, Local Blue also puts you in contact with the company or businesses website, contact details, email and any other related information you might need so you can pick a company with all-around great service.


D Look is another great service that puts you in touch with all of your local companies and national services that are easily found with a simplified search engine. D Look features over 1.5 million local and national businesses in its archive, which is regularly updated with the latest phone numbers and contact information for speedy service.


Nationwide lists a large number of companies and businesses on a national scale, with local companies taking precedent when searching via postcode. You can also search by service type, such as plumber, electrician like the other main sites, so you will be familiar with the search functionality and will be able to find your local company with ease.

If like us you are always in search of a directory that provides useful phone numbers that may be of importance, please mention them in the comments section and share them with others. Important numbers and directories are what gives companies and businesses new clients, as well as boosting the visibility amongst the local community.