Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pros and Cons of Working from Home and Office

Some prefer to work from home rather than office because they find they are more productive when working in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Working to tight schedules and having time restrictions may not be their cup of tea. Often many people who work from home are freelancing and are liaising directly with clients and the flexibility is necessary for them to conduct their business. Those who are already office workers and are thinking of shifting from the office to working at home and those who are thinking of starting a new home business have several things to consider before making the jump.

Got the basic idea right? Now let's have some more information on it:

Advantages of Working from Home:

  • People are able to spend more time with their family
  • Able to take more frequent breaks as needed
  • Working at home may provide fewer distractions
  • Can avoid traffic
  • Save on travel expenses
  • Savings on office space and other facilities
  • Less stressful environment 

Disadvantages of Working from Home: 

  • It can be difficult to manage home workers and monitor their performance
  • Higher risk of information security problems
  • Must maintain health and safety standards while supplying suitable equipment
  • Initial cost of training can be huge
  • It may become difficult to separate home from work because probability to engage in household matters is very high
  • Dangers of being overlooked for promotion because of staying away from the office. Those working in the office may get promoted earlier
  • It will take a lot more dedication and self-control to achieve self-discipline while working from home

One should consider all the many factors which play an important role while working from home. Some may select office as the best place to work from. Working in an office environment may give them more comfort and flexibility compared to home environment. Here are some of the good and bad factors of working at the office.

Advantages of Working in an Office:

  • Easier to define boundaries between home and work
  • Dedicated work computers and other devices.
  • Developing relationships with co-workers in your work environment. Meeting people you normally would not.
  • Can learn how to behave in a work environment
  • Learn to maintain punctuality and discipline

With many more other advantages like this, lots of people give first priority to working in an office environment. But there are also problems they could face being an office worker.

Disadvantages of Working in an Office: 

  • Distractions including co-workers and noisy office spaces.
  • Salary is set and often not based on a performance, unlike freelancing.
  • Very few breaks can affect people’s physical health.
  • Eye-straining watching computer all day.
  • Difficulty getting on with co-workers may create difficulties in the job

There are pros and cons to working in an office and a new working environment will always present challenges you must adjust to. Deciding which one suits you best is a matter of personal choice and comfort.

To Make Working from Home Easier, here are Some Useful Tips:

  • Set aside a specific place exclusively for work 
If a place at home can be reserved specifically for work there will be less interaction with household issues and more concentration on the tasks at hand.

  • Create a daily work schedule 
Creating a regular schedule will be very helpful to avoid laziness and maintain discipline as there is always a need of punctuality for any kind of work, no matter how big or small it is.

  • Remain networked as closely as possible with peers and leaders 
Continuous connections and regular feedback from your peers and leaders will sound like a professional environment. Creating healthy relationships can definitely result in more motivation and productivity.

  • Be an extrovert 
Extroverts enjoy a much larger social circle than introverts. It is important to be able to bring out the creativity and confidence of the people working around you and encourage innovation. 

  • Network electronically
Communicating electronically can save a lot of time and can produce instant feedback. New creative technology helps businesses grow faster and collaborate with each other to achieve their goals. If you run your business from home and your business demands continuous communication with clients then hiring a professional phone answering company is a must. At Call Service, we are providing phone answering service for last 60 years.We have helped much Australian businesses to grow.