Thursday, November 26, 2015

How can a Live Answering Service Help you During the Holidays?

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The summer holidays are obviously a busy time of year for just about everyone mainly because of the Christmas rush but also due to the fact that it’s the time to get things done that you didn’t get a chance to complete during the year. It’s a nice time to go on a holiday, spend time with friends and family and generally just reset for the year that is coming.

While the majority of workplaces shut down over Christmas, there are those that become even busier. Particularly for sole traders and small businesses, people can find it hard to find time for all these other things when work is so flat out and the business needs so much attention.

That’s part of the reason live answering services can be so beneficial in the holiday months, as they have the effect of helping you manage. These services are provided by company’s that effectively look after all of the incoming and/or outgoing calls to and from your business. If the call is important or the customer needs to book a service, the company working on your behalf can book them in for a service, give advice, or have you contact them depending on the requirement.

Let’s take a look at the benefits in more detail.

1. Frees up time

If you run a successful seasonal business that is particularly busy during this time, you can be looking at several calls per day and the requirement to set times and appointment can be rather cumbersome and time-consuming. The most obvious advantage is that outsourcing your incoming calls saves you having to handle them yourself and you can find time to duck away and spend time with your family around Christmas!

2. Appeals to Busy and Quiet Businesses

As discussed, if things are out of control on the phones then there are obvious advantages to a call service. However, if things quieten down over the holidays and you want to lay low for a few weeks, a live answering service can be beneficial too. The company can simply man the phones for you and book in any customers that do call for an appropriate date when you’re back at work - meaning you don’t lose the business altogether.

3. Less pressure on employees

The summer holidays should be a time of rest for employees to recharge for the year ahead. The trouble is, when it’s busy not everyone can take time off. With a call service, you can lessen the load so to speak, and have greater means to give employees a break than you otherwise would.

4. As Professional as Ever

The staff at these companies are trained to deal with people on the phone and will ensure your business is represented in the best light possible. You train them on how your business operates and what you need from their end, and they take care of the rest.

 5. It can be temporary or permanent

These services are highly flexible and no long-term contract is required. You can get some help for them over a short period and once things calm down a bit, you can go on as usual. However, if things work well with this arrangement you might even decide to stick with them for good!

Many businesses all over Melbourne go down the live answering service path over Christmas. If it sounds like something that might help your business, don’t hesitate to contact Call Service today. For more information about live answering service click here.