Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why Live Telephone Answering Service is Important for Businesses?

Let’s just start by saying that there is almost no business who could do without Customer Service, and let’s face it – an automated answering machine or voice mail is NOT the ideal Customer Service! You should aware of the disadvantages of using an automated answering service. Do you really think, your business is an industry that never needed Customer Care and never will? Think plumbers, painters, carpenters, electricians or a grocery store does not need customer care? Well, think again! Here’s what Customer Service, something you always thought was the luxury of the big companies, can do for your business:

Minimize Your Cost

Customer Service helps you lower the costs! Its basic marketing knowledge today that retaining a customer costs much cheaper than acquiring new ones and a little statistic makes it easier to believe. A good customer service means your clients will keep coming back and they will be bringing friends with them. This reduces your cost of advertising and other marketing activities to acquire customers.

Charge Premium

You know what happens when your customers are fully satisfied? Your dedicated customer service, allows you to charge a premium! Being available 24/7 with information and help is a very good excuse to charge the premium that you need to charge since you don’t have the economies of scale like the big companies.


Free Referral Marketing

Customer Service gets you more revenue! When your loyal customers refer you to friends, its basically your Customer Service that is getting you that added revenue. Referral marketing in fact is the best form of marketing for SME service industry.

Be a Professional & Caring Service Provider

Apart from all this, just imagine that you have a 24/7 Live Answering Service system and your competitor doesn’t. Who do you think the customer will call back when they can’t get through? Just the presence of a person at the other end of the phone makes a customer feel that the business is a professional and caring business who is in a different league compared to the other SME service providers.

24/7 Live Telephone Answering Services, like Call Service, are not just outsourced operators or receptionist – We are your most economical Customer Service Centres! We man the station 24/7 and carry detailed information of your goods and services. We also carry specific information about occasional promotional offers or updates about your availability and locations. We will not only take messages, they will give out information on your behalf.

Compare hiring the services as opposed to hiring a 24/7 operator at your office or compare it with you yourself trying to answer the phone 24/7 and you will see why Call Service is the most economical form of Customer Service and probably most intelligent marketing investment for your business.

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