Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Virtual Office Concept and What It Can Do For You

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In today’s economy, starting a business and being successful is by no means a work in the park and there are countless costs that need to be considered when looking at one’s investment. Depending on the kind of business, getting premises for example usually demands high leasing fees, furniture, accessories, computers and most probably staff. And that’s before any revenue has been generated! These are just some of the burdens to entry that are experienced by people looking to start a business. But virtual office and call answering services can help start-up businesses manage their customers and save costs too.

What is a virtual office?

If you’re not heard of the concept before, read on. All it requires is a phone, a computer/phone and a good service provider. For a call service, the idea is that another group of people handle all of your incoming enquiries rather than you need to always be concerned with Manning your phone. This frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business and get back to the customers at an appropriate time if necessary. 

All aspects of your business

The idea of virtual office services is to give your business a professional edge and often giving it the appearance of being much bigger than it actually is – without the huge costs. Your business can effectively have a nice, genuine address, telephone number, reception staff and mail services, no matter where you are. In today’s technological world, you can even conduct meetings via Skype and have your virtual office staff page you or send text messages about what’s happening. Ultimately you can manage your business while you’re on the run. 

Why Virtual Office for Your Business?

Advantages of running a virtual office are many compare to its very few disadvantages, here are some of them:

Save Your Dollars


Setting up an office requires -  equipment, furniture, utilities, office services, technology set-up and more. HUGE costing right? Well, you can get rid of all of these only by starting a virtual office. Virtual offices are already set up, equipment and technology-wise, and include the personnel you need to handle basic office administration like phone answering and call forwarding, mail service, and client greeting.

Flexibility and Convenience


Who doesn't like flexibility? Suppose your business is growing rapidly and now you need to expand it. No worries! A Virtual Office gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to grow to any size, as soon as space is required.

No More Management Hassles


A virtual office can eliminate the hassle of managing an office lease, mailing address, physical address fighting traffic every day. It also helps you with fewer management nuisances while regular offices have to be managed on a regular basis; a virtual office needs little management, simply the right tools for everyone involved.

So convinced enough? Contact Call Service for more information. If you’re a sole trader our service can be particularly beneficial – chat with us and find out the options!

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